March 12, 2019


Everyone's gone viral, and so should your events and meetings!

Our webcasting systems can be used in many spaces with flexible components depending on your onsite space or needs. From small conferences driving it all to plugging into any existing General Sessions backstage video village. We can set up a Single Camera or connecting to a Meeting Video feed, or use our Flypack Kits to run your event and webcast.

This can be used in Medical Tutorial Surgeries, Corporate Meeting Breakout Rooms, Exhibit Booths, Sporting Events to Public or Government Meetings.

Every location and production deadline can create many challenges. Getting correct internet specifications and space information is critical for the best onsite execution to allow the right gear and looks to be able to have a great web or broadcast.

Understand that this type of production level needs installation time that also allow for pre-test, rehearsals of any other issues to be troubleshooted. Crews size and costs are also due the amount of gear and operations during a live event.


YouTube Live, Facebook, Facebook Live,, Periscope, Skype, Open Broadcaster, XSplit Broadcaster, RTMP, Vimeo, Wowza, Ustream, and Livestream.



– Live News Broadcast
– Entertainment Live Show
– Corporate Presentation Room
– Convention Exhibit Booth
– Sports Tournaments
– ESport or Video Gaming
– Live Television Remotes
– E-Learning
– Training Videos
– Medical Educational Program
– Public Relations Events or News
– Press Release
– Government, Shareholder, all-hands on!

– Broadcast ENG Camera Kits
– Battery or Powered Set up
– Direct Ethernet or Cellular Connections
– Professional Web Encoders
– Single or Multi Channel Webcast Feeds
– Graphics Overlay
– Media Playback
– Live Switched Recording
– Show File Master Recording
– Option to In-Camera ISO
– Intercom Systems
– Wireless Microphones
– Independent Audio Mixer
– Backdrop & Interview Booth Light Kits
– Webcast Channel Options

Every location and production deadline can create many challenges.
Getting property and space information is critical to minimize for any onsite delays,
and to allow the right set up to give a great webcast.

Flypack or Video Production Booths requires Installation and Technical Schedule
that allows for Pre-Test of all systems, Stage or Booth Blocking, and Final Show Flow Rehearsal.

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