August 29, 2016


Corporate Graphics Presentations utilizes over 20 years of working in Graphic Print Management and Design merged with Theater to Live Broadcast Television. These have married into a working understanding of Corporate Event Productions, to fit as key crew positions such as: Graphics Operator and File Manger to sometimes called upon to other duties as Show Caller. My skill set offers integrity as a high level onsite operator for any General Sessions Showroom.

This work is executed from Offsite Pre-Production to Onsite Operations, using professional software, gear, and other tools to manipulate and enhance Graphics, Audio, and Video content, giving our show clients, the ability to communicate integrity on stage by supporting the many CEO’s, their staff and Production Teams.

The core of my expertise is based in industry standards using:
MS PowerPoint, Keynote, Google Slides
and other production software and tools with key knowledge of Theater & Staging Production flow.



– Graphics Show Operator/Designer
– Onsite Creative to Pre-production Support Team
– Concept and Templates Design Executions
– Pre-production  Presentation Revisions and Updates
– Graphics Department Manager
– Speaker Ready Room Rehearsals
– Graphics Department Crew Booking
– Show Machines Rental

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