What a day having to work on with 1. Jeff Gordon and having a live Tiger on set. Shots called for multiple locations at Caesar’s and the we had to reduplicate the shot in a live animal closed set.

The shot was a simulation of what would happen the night before the race if Jeff walked in on his Pit Crew. Well, this is what happens. Hanging tools, cases of Pepsi around and so on. But the kicker is a tiger sleeping on one of the Pit Crew on the couch. Let’s just say we didn’t want to ruin the High Roller’s suite furniture, so we had to find something that would fit the decor and add a look that creatively would fit. That was the first challenge. The second was to move the couch back out of the Hotel, and then go to our studio to shoot “Natasha” on it to fill the frame and match shots.. Well it didn’t take long for her to use the couch as her new chewy toy! Had to get it right, so I had to build a makeshift couch out of apple boxes to position her as intended. This was not only fun, but a bit challenging when you have a 10ft. long live Tiger which you went to the store to buy gizzards to train it into position.. I wont forget and remember this day so well like yesterday!


Positions: Assistant Art Director to location shoot
Camera: Canon 5DMarkII


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